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Archives for June 2013

Do You Have Enough Visibility to Succeed Globally?

Global Visibility

The Aberdeen Group recently released the report, Supply Chain Visibility: A Critical Strategy to Optimize Cost and Service. The report summarizes the results of a survey they conducted of 149 companies, all with predominantly global supply chains. The report reviews how important visibility is in strategies to reduce cost and improve service on a global scale. The results indicate that for 63 percent of companies visibility is a high priority, with an additional 28 percent listing visibility as a medium priority. The survey proposes that complete supply chain visibility becomes increasingly difficult to maintain at a global level due to growing intricacies. » Read More

China Domestic Distribution: Thoughts on Regulatory Reform

China Domestic Distribution

Can you imagine a China where 3PLs can get a transportation license without owning assets? Where cargo insurance laws are clear and the onus of insurability is clearly stated and uniform? A place with low barriers to entry and exit and access to capacity helps create strong markets and greater efficiency?

Good news. China may already be going down this path. And I think, in the near future, it may be possible for a Non-truck Operating Carrier to supplement regulatory reform and help shape the future of the China distribution sector. » Read More

Guest Post: The Benefits of Carrier and 3PL Collaboration

3PL Collaboration

Some may find it odd that a salesperson for a trucking company is sitting here writing to you about the benefits of utilizing a 3PL or broker within your network. However, in today’s competitive environment, collaborative arrangements of all kinds are necessary for survival and if you choose your partners wisely you may experience many side benefits that you had not previously thought of. » Read More

Thank You for Trusting C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson

Inbound Logistics publishes annual results of its Top 10 3PL campaign in their July issue. In 2011 and 2012, customers voted and Inbound Logistics recognized C.H. Robinson as the #1 3PL.

With voting coming to a close for this year’s campaign, it would be an honor to receive your vote and win this prestigious recognition for the third consecutive year. I am always excited to hear what our customers have to say about our service, and this survey allows us to gain a better understanding of how we are doing in relation to delivering value to our customers. Not only do we appreciate positive feedback, we also take suggestions for improvement very seriously. » Read More