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Archives for February 2013

How Will Federal Budget Cuts Impact Freight?


The impact of federal budget cuts, known as sequestration, is making headlines in the national press. The topic is also beginning to show up in the freight transportation trade publications. Essentially, sequestration would significantly reduce federal spending at government agencies and drastically reduce spending on defense. » Read More

Mobile Moving the Supply Chain

Mobile Supply Chain

Mobile communications technology is moving so fast that its evolutionary path can seem more like a blur than a clearly defined route. But what is clear in the freight transportation domain is that the technology is advancing rapidly beyond the exchange of basic shipment information, and into the realm of sophisticated analytics. » Read More

10 Routes to Transportation Savings [Infographic]

Transportation Savings

There are 10 popular ways companies choose to save money on transportation. But where can you get the fastest savings for the least amount of effort? Which task to pursue first, and the resulting savings, depends on what you ship (commodities, volumes, and frequencies), how you ship (the mode or modes), and whether your company is growing by acquisition or not growing at all.

» Read More