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Archives for December 2012

With Retail Consolidation, Any Size Company Can Play in the Big Leagues

Retail Consolidation

As any retailer knows, it’s tricky to balance smaller inventories with the amount of product needed on store shelves to capture sales. But it’s just as tough for suppliers to figure out a way to send their products to retailers frequently without their transportation costs spiraling out of control. That’s why many suppliers are turning to specialty retail consolidators, who can coordinate their transportation to meet strict delivery appointments—even if their volumes are very small. » Read More

Guest Post: Is Your Intermodal Perception Reality?

Intermodal transportation

Intermodal rail has experienced tremendous growth as a transportation solution of choice, with volume increasing more than fourfold since 1980, to over 14 million units moved last year. *Several factors in the transportation industry, such as changing shipper perspectives and the macroeconomic environment support the continued projected growth of intermodal rail, including: » Read More