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Archives for November 2012

Customs, CARB, and Procurement Insights: Highlights of an Intensive Workshop

Rochester Forum Intensive Workshop

It can be difficult to step away from the office to attend a seminar, but I will make the time when it helps me stay on top of industry news and trends. That was the case two weeks ago when I and about 40 other C.H. Robinson customers and employees attended an intensive—and very productive—workshop in Rochester, New York. The workshop covered some of the industry’s top challenges: moving into emerging markets, keeping up with regulations, and learning methods for more effective transportation procurement. » Read More

6 Strategies for Creating a Successful Technology Brand

Technology Brand

If you are like me, the idea of streamlining all of the complex facets of corporate technology into a simple, straightforward brand message is daunting. Managing rapid release cycles, endless acronyms and cross-functional team dynamics, while keeping the needs of the customer front and center, is the recipe for a true challenge. So how do you ensure success? Here are 6 guiding principles that will make your experience creating a new technology brand both impactful and rewarding. » Read More

Using Logistics to Trace the Root of Rising Food Costs

Food Costs

For all of our efforts to streamline supply chain logistics for the food industry, we’re driven by the demands of our customers who face some challenging demands of their own. Restaurant consumers want food fast. They also demand that it’s affordable and delivered safely. These opposing challenges have always plagued the food service industry. Well, I’m happy to report that the opportunity is clearer than ever before. » Read More