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Archives for October 2012

Is Your Supply Chain “Gangnam Style”?

Gangnam Style

Can social media really impact the supply chain? Why should you, as a supply chain professional, pay attention to social media? Of course, social media is an important medium for connecting and communicating with suppliers or vendors. But the way consumers use social media can also have a huge impact on product development and demand—and, in the end, on your supply chain. Here’s an example. On July 15, 2012, South Korean rapper, Psy, released a single called “Gangnam Style,” which debuted at number one on the Gason Chart in South Korea. » Read More

Guest Blog: 3PLs — Not Just Product Movers Anymore

Adapting service to handle data and communications requirements

Like all businesses, transportation companies must manage risk, enhance the customer experience, and ensure operational excellence. Like other business segments, they balance cost, product and services quality/safety, and customer service. But a fundamental shift is underway for third party logistics (3PL) providers. Customers still expect them to offer product-related services. But now, they are also demanding information-related services—a change that has crucial ramifications for the 3PL market and the companies they serve. » Read More

Cloud-Based and Managed Service Solutions Increase Agility and Reduce Spend

Saas cloud-based solutions

If you’re involved in transportation, I’m sure you’ll agree that supply chains continue to evolve and grow more complex and more global. This trend places great importance on increased multi-party interactions, both external and internal, to execute logistics in this new environment. Supply chain visibility, dynamic optimization, service interruption resolution, and technology are all critical to controlling costs, managing change, and minimizing risk. Add in a need for improved efficiency, and it has never been more important to work collaboratively to integrate and impact today’s supply chain. What is the best way to achieve this? » Read More

Why You Care About Who Owns Your Technology Platform

Technology Platform

I am often asked why we invest a substantial amount of capital in technology. It’s a good question. This is why: we believe that the best way to efficiently support our customers’ supply chains is to own the platform. And this is one of the most critical technology questions you can ask before settling on a potential logistics service provider (LSP) or 3PL. Who owns the software they will use to help run your supply chain? The answer can either set you up for an easier life as your company grows or for potential problems down the road. » Read More