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Archives for August 2012

2 Excellent Reasons to Attend CSCMP’s Annual Conference

CSCMP’s Annual Conference

I’m a firm believer that when you belong to an organization like CSCMP, you get out of it what you put into it. We’ve put a lot into our presentations at the upcoming CSCMP Annual Conference, and you can benefit from it as well. Could you use new perspectives on carrier relationships and associated risk—and strategies to mitigate it? Do you want to know how the age of truckload rates really influences your routing guide performance? If so, don’t miss these special presentations. » Read More

What’s Missing in Your Total Landed Cost

Total Landed Cost

From what we’ve seen, it is rare that a company knows their true total landed cost (TLC) for each item they produce and deliver. There’s a reason for this. For most companies, there are many costs in hiding. And unless you hunt down and include those hidden costs in your TLC calculations, you’re basing supply chain decisions on incomplete data. » Read More