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Archives for March 2012

Top 4 Factors in Global Chemical Transportation

Global Chemical Transportation

From paints, adhesives, sealants, and resins to fertilizers and pesticides, the chemical industry is broad, intricate, and specialized. When transporting chemicals around the world the level of intricacy increases. You’ll need to be an expert in everything from global trade compliance, and air and ocean freight, to over-the-road bulk and truckload shipping. Transporting chemicals throughout the supply chain relies heavily on process and solid integration into business management. That’s when you need a transportation provider who understands the intricate processes behind safe, efficient, and responsible shipping of chemicals. Here are 4 elements to consider when searching for a chemical transportation provider. » Read More

How Feedback Improves the Supply Chain

Customer feedback

Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager and Raving Fans, coined the phrase, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Though Blanchard’s field is management and leadership, feedback is especially valuable in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. » Read More

Why Business in Europe Requires a Collaborative Approach

Business in Europe

The world is becoming smaller and more integrated day by day. Companies with global footprints are continuing to look for solutions to previously insurmountable problems. Global visibility and cost avoidance within the supply chain is a recurrent challenge. However, each supply chain is unique and needs its own solution design. This includes unique and varied solutions for the same company with locations in multiple continents such as North America and Europe. » Read More

Guest Post: Sustainability for the Long Run


Today’s logistics and supply chain professional is faced with a never-ending array of challenges. Uncertain markets, demanding customers, cost-down pressures coupled with rising energy and commodity costs, the retention of talent, tempestuous weather… the list goes on and on. So, how is the overworked and stressed professional to react when expected to address these challenges in a way that minimizes impact to the natural environment and society at large? Or, put another way, how can they weave sustainability into everything they do? » Read More

4 Strategies to Benefit from Intermodal Service

Intermodal Service

The intermodal landscape is evolving. With more available routings, providers, and service offerings, the environment is becoming more complex and dynamic. Additionally, impending truckload regulations and highway infrastructure concerns can give intermodal service an attractive edge in the marketplace. For many reasons, shipping freight via rail is becoming a common solution for shippers to manage costs and capacity. » Read More