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Archives for January 2012

Update: Transportation Bill Discussion

Infrastructure spending bill

This week, Congress will be discussing transportation infrastructure in both the House and the Senate. You will hear the bill referred to as the Transportation Bill, Highway Reauthorization, SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization, the infrastructure spending bill, or any combination of those names. No matter the name, it refers to the large, comprehensive bill that typically funds the Federal portion of our nation’s roads, bridges, and other transportation projects and maintenance. Transportation infrastructure bills also typically include a number of policy and rule changes germane to transportation. Examples of potential policy items could be adjustments to the scope and jurisdiction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or it could be as specific as changing the requirements for responding to a hazardous materials spill on the roadways. » Read More

Delivering Halo Pet Food to Animals in Need

Halo Pet Food

This December, pets in 40 animal shelters on the east and west coast had a more joyful holiday. Halo, Purely for Pets and, Halo’s non-profit partner, distributed 400,000 donated pet food meals to animal shelters across the country. Halo is a pet food supplier with a large emphasis on philanthropy from co-owner Ellen DeGeneres, a celebrity known for her commitment to animal welfare. » Read More

Collaboration Can Bridge Ocean Shipping’s Troubled Waters

Ocean transportation is economical

During my travels I hear many views pertaining to the viability of the liner industry. In general, much of the discussion revolves around the current financial environment forcing many ocean carriers to rethink their go-to market strategy, vessel sharing agreements, and their commitment to serving the liner market. » Read More