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Archives for October 2011

3 Government Debates to Watch

Transportation and infrastructure debates

Critical transportation issues are on the docket for the coming year that may affect your supply chain. Watch for a rule on hours of service (HOS), a draft transportation bill on how to pay for infrastructure improvements, and a draft rule that will link CSA BASIC data to a carrier’s Safety Fitness Determination. » Read More

Why You Should Care About Changes to HOS

Hours of Service

The intent of the Hours of Service (HOS) rule is to improve safety by ensuring drivers are adequately rested and alert while driving. But as carriers and safety advocates wait for the FMCSA to release the final HOS rule, shippers are starting to analyze how they will be impacted. Here’s what you need to know about the current, complex rules, how they’re expected to change, and what may happen as a result. » Read More