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Sourcing Supply

Experience value beyond price

You should expect more from your produce supplier than just a competitive price. Many other factors come into play, such as quality, food safety, and year-round commodity availability, just to name a few. When you rely on C.H. Robinson for your sourcing needs, competitive pricing is a given. But you'll also gain value and service that create efficiencies and deliver a consumer benefit well beyond today's bottom line. With over a century of produce sourcing experience, you can trust C.H. Robinson to build solutions that fit every need, including the most important one—the delivery of fresh, quality produce into your consumers' hands.

Expect more from your sourcing provider:

  • Competitive pricing, quality product, and unmatched customer service
  • Global procurement options for year-round sourcing and commodity flexibility
  • Access to 2,000+ growers and suppliers and 50+ commodities
  • Ongoing development of produce sources in new and current regions
  • Opportunities to source your produce from local and regional growers that will help you reduce food miles and get fresher produce faster
  • Dedicated people who understand your business, identify your needs, recommend solutions, and execute them with excellence
  • Custom solutions built specifically to tackle your challenges and meet your goals
  • Superior technology platform, Navisphere, to help you better understand your business challenges and opportunities for improvement 
  • Access to a solid base of temperature controlled carriers for flexible, reliable shipping options
  • Superior data, inventory, and category management to help you make smart business decisions