Consumer Programs

Consumer Programs

Get with the program

It's easy to boost your sales when you offer an exciting, well-planned consumer program. From sweepstakes and free grocery giveaways to cause-related programs, we'll help you organize and execute a customized solution with the goal of increasing consumer traffic and encouraging repeat business.

Why offer a consumer program?
  • Increase your sales and attract new consumers
  • Generate excitement around your products
  • Market positive values to your consumers
  • Deepen consumer loyalty to the brands you sell
  • Create incentives for consumers to buy produce from you
  • Create incentives for employees to sell more and perform better

We offer two categories of consumer programs:

Programs Built Around Specific Brands

Make your everyday items stand out with a cause-based marketing program that revolves around a particular brand, consumer trend, sustainability, or giving back to the community. The result? Satisfied customers who have new reasons to feel good about the produce they purchase from you.

Learn more about some of our brand-specific programs:

  • A Sweet Way to Stay Healthy
    We created "Pink Ribbon" watermelons that helped increase breast cancer awareness and highlighted the health benefits of watermelon. Read the Pink Ribbon Watermelon news release.
Programs Built Specifically For You

You won't miss out on opportunities if you don't sell brands that align with our existing programs. We work with customers large and small to develop and implement customized programs that help you bring your sales initiatives and goals within reach.

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