Consumer Brands

Produce Consumer Brands

A proven way to attract and maintain customers

Today's consumers can buy produce almost anywhere—the grocery store, the convenience store, and even office vending machines. You can make your business stand out by offering quality products and brands. C.H. Robinson offers multiple brands and sourcing options to help you build consumer traffic, delight your customers with quality produce, and differentiate your business from the competition.

National Brands

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with trusted brands like Mott's®, Welch's®, Tropicana®, Green Giant® Fresh and Glory Foods®, you can generate consumer excitement by offering products that have a reputation of good taste, safety, quality, and consumer trust. Offering national brands to consumers may help you:

  • Improve sales by selling recognized, trusted brands
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Offer popular brands to consumers year-round
  • Appeal to a specific consumer demographic
  • Tailor programs to meet your consumers' needs and trends

Learn more about our family of national brands:
Mott's® Welch's® Tropicana® Glory Foods® Green Giant® Fresh

Proprietary Brands

If selling national brands isn't an ideal solution for you, C.H. Robinson's proprietary brands might be a better fit. We've created brands that offer similar benefits to the national brands without compromising quality. Selling proprietary brands offers an alternative that may help you:

  • Increase sales and consumer satisfaction
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Capitalize on C.H. Robinson's reputation for premium produce
  • Offer new, on-trend products to your consumers
  • Take advantage of additional regional sourcing opportunities

Learn more about C.H. Robinson's proprietary brands:
Fresh 1 | Pink Ribbon Watermelon

Private Label Brands

If you want to develop your own branded line of products to differentiate your company, private label products may offer a solution. We work with reputable growers and processors to help you develop your own in-house brand with the potential to:

  • Boost sales among consumers looking for quality product at lower prices
  • Build consumer loyalty to your brand and your business
  • Strengthen your overall store brand awareness

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