Managed TMS

Managed TMS

Your business is global. Why isn't your TMS?

Is Your TMS Global

Is Your TMS Global?

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You have a global supply chain, but you need a TMS that can help you manage your day-to-day requirements and correctly allocate resources in global markets. Managed TMS®, offered by TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, is the first global platform of TMS software plus managed services that meets those needs by executing operations in global geographies through TMS technology and power users. Your business gets the resources, visibility, and information needed to lower costs, raise efficiencies, and elevate the overall management of a global supply chain to a more strategic level.

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Retain control, obtain savings, and ensure ongoing improvement

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For more than a decade, some of the world's best-known brands have relied on Managed TMS for a unique combination of global TMS technology and managed services that enable immediate and sustained savings throughout their transportation networks. Through Global Control Tower® locations in Amsterdam, Chicago, Mumbai, and Shanghai, Managed TMS offers access to a single global platform for shipment optimization and visibility, freight payment, and business intelligence.

Managed TMS customers retain full control of their transportation strategies, freight networks, and carrier relationships. Blending TMS technology and managed services empowers our customers' valuable human resources to focus on driving strategy, rather than day-to-day operations, thus enabling our clients to achieve a distinct competitive advantage:

  • Global TMS with minimal upfront costs 
  • Immediate and Sustained Savings
  • Talented logistics experts
  • Dynamic business intelligence tools
  • Strategic control
  • Variable-cost service
  • Global Control Tower® visibility
  • Scalability
  • Process excellence

Whether your network spans North America or beyond to such regions as Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, Managed TMS adds efficiency to your supply chain so you can make better, more strategic supply chain decisions—and Get There Faster™.

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