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More freight can travel by carload than you might think. This specialized rail equipment comes in different sizes and shapes, specially designed to haul commodities like lumber, metal, agricultural products, and bulk or canned goods. A single piece of equipment can carry up to 200,000 pounds of freight—more than three truckloads worth—and it works best for dense, heavy freight that can be double stacked if palletized and doesn't require fast delivery. If your product meets this criteria, carload could be a highly attractive and economical alternative to truckload and intermodal service. Whether you're rail-served or aren't on the rail lines, you may be able to take advantage of this mode of transportation.

Our Carload specialists can help you analyze whether this mode is right for you. Through our relationships with all Class 1 railroads and various warehousing facilities, and with our expertise in truckload, we can provide a competitive solution that blends modes or suggest a mode best suited to provide cost savings. And we can easily switch your freight from one service to the other as your needs and transit requirements change.

Expect the highest level of service from our Carload experts as we offer:

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  • Service coverage in the U.S. and Europe
  • Active monitoring of your freight
  • Tracking and tracing with Dynamic ETAsSM
  • Reports that show historical trends and the true cost of transportation
  • An opportunity to maintain a "rolling inventory"
  • A whole menu of transportation and logistics services, configured to meet your unique needs
  • Refrigerated equipment as needed

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