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Start here, grow here.

You've probably heard that working as an intern will “look great on your resume.” But what does that really mean? An internship should be so much more than just a line on your resume or a hearty pat on the back for making a fresh pot of coffee. At C.H. Robinson, we rally around you and help fuse your dream career with reality. Our interns accumulate business knowledge through tangible job experiences that immediately transfer over into any workplace. Starting here lets you steer the supply chain with your own two hands.


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As early as your first day, you'll be talking with different people at our branches located around the world. Maybe you'll even help a customer, connect a produce grower with a shipper, or book your first load. And by the time your internship wraps up, you'll be on a first-name basis with employees, managers, and executives alike. Our goal is that all this hands-on experience will leave you hungry for more of our fast-paced industry.

Why start your career in the logistics industry?

  • Supply and demand sustains the global marketplace.
  • The amount of goods that the world consumes continues to multiply.
  • There is no place in the world that doesn't need or use the supply chain.
  • The international marketplace is interconnecting daily through the use of technology, creating an intense need for strategic logistics management.
  • The logistics industry is multifaceted and offers a wide variety of career opportunities that encompass many fields of study.
  • People with diverse educational backgrounds are needed to apply their skills to each link in the supply chain.
  • Job options are plentiful—both small companies and Fortune 500 companies require supply chain management.
  • The most critical factor in logistics is the people who manage and orchestrate the supply chain process.

The logistics industry is ripe with opportunities if you're ready to reach out and snatch them. You won't be sitting at your desk, tapping your pencil, and pondering if you're making an impact. You'll actually see your impact—loads successfully shipped and received, satisfied customers and contract carriers, and shipments flowing smoothly in transit.

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