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How to Apply

Follow These Steps

  1. Search Job Openings. Use our online career search to find a position or internship that matches your skill set and career ambitions. Once you find a good match, click the “Apply Now” link to submit your resume. View other career opportunities in Europe.
  1. Submit Resume. We encourage you to submit your resume online. You can upload your resume or apply without a resume. Our online application process guides you through each step to ensure we get your correct information.
  1. Receive Confirmation. Once you've submitted your resume for the position of your choice, we'll send you an email to confirm that we've received your information. A member of the Recruiting Team will review your information. If we feel like you'd be a good fit for that opportunity or others, we will contact you to start the interview process.

Be a Contender

Here are a few recommendations about how to separate yourself from the crowd.

  • Channel your inner socialite. Make a point to find out where our recruiters will be popping up next. Search our upcoming job fairs to find the career fairs and universities we'll be at in the future and plan to stop by. Having a face-to-face encounter with a recruiter is a great way to stand out as a memorable applicant.

  • Exhaust the links on our websites. Nothing makes you shine as a job candidate more than demonstrating a solid understanding of our company. It proves that you're eager to work for us, and that type of enthusiasm is magnetic. Explore our career and corporate websites until you have a firm grasp of what we're about. Then, when one of our recruiters contacts you for a phone interview, you'll be able to field questions with confidence. Find out more about C.H. Robinson at www.chrobinson.com.

  • Don't be a cookie cutter. Go ahead, let your charisma shine. We're looking for fun, energetic, and hardworking applicants that can bring something fresh to our team. Show us who you are, not who you think we expect you to be.

Interview Process

Not all interviews are alike. When you interview with us, it should feel more interactive and less intimidating than a standard job interview. We've developed a thorough, interactive process that allows you to interview us with the same vigor that we interview you.

We've developed a thorough, interactive process that allows you to interview us with the same vigor that we interview you.

If we think you are a potential match for a position, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial phone interview. It's our way of getting to know you better and determining if you're ready for the next phase in the interview process.

Then we'll schedule an onsite visit, complete with a branch tour and a series of meet and greets with department managers and employees. We might even schedule a day for you to come in and shadow an employee to immerse you in the industry firsthand. Every department will conduct its interviews a little bit differently, but you can count on every interview to be comprehensive, friendly, and informative.

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