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Our Culture

Our Culture

Rich in potential.

We're drawn to motivated people who demonstrate incredible potential. Inside our walls, you can't even walk around a corner without bumping into a hardworking, impassioned individual. Our people hone their own skills while sharpening the skills of others, constantly improving output and performance. Take a sample of our employees and you'll find an assorted mix of fresh college graduates, dedicated professionals, and veterans in it for the long haul, all growing and learning together.  Discover our diversity by clicking here.

Redefining community.

We encourage our employees to think outside the office and extend helping hands to their local communities. Robinson Cares sponsors a variety of charity events and gives employees an outlet to participate in their communities while raising monetary support and awareness for great causes. Explore your opportunities to serve by clicking here.

Work hard, play hard.

Open floorplans, low cubicles, shared workspaces. This is how we work. We're in each other's business on a daily basis. Literally. Projects are collaborative and require teamwork, so thick partitions and segregated departments are less than ideal. We're loud, enthusiastic, and passionate. We hold each other accountable for our tasks, projects, and work ethic. You can hear the cheers from another part of the office when an employee is being recognized for an accomplishment. Bars of an off-key version of “Happy Birthday” will perk your ear from time to time (and let you know where the cake is). And you know what your coworker is having for lunch without even leaving your cubicle. We designed our space to be conducive to teamwork, and we like it that way.

Mingling outside the watercooler is encouraged.

Our employees are quick to make friends within the company and spend time together outside of work. Charity events, seminars, and lunch hours are all catalysts for off-the-clock employee interaction that creates solid friendships across the organization.

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