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Welcome to C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (C.H. Robinson) is one of the largest third party logistics (3PL) companies in the world with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Simply put, we help our customers ship their products around the world, managing the transportation and logistics of all kinds of cargo from electronics to automobile parts to fresh produce. Our customers include the people who supply raw materials and products (growers and manufacturers), the people who ship them (carriers), and the people who sell them (retail and grocery markets). We also provide our customers with valuable services and resources that drive efficiency into their systems and processes. The items that you purchase and consume every day are a direct result of the supply chain that we've helped keep in motion for the past 100 years.

Imagine being part of a company that maneuvers one of the most crucial systems in the world. There is no place in the world that doesn't need or use the supply chain. It's time to make your move. Step inside our world of career opportunities.

Our Areas of Expertise

When companies have cargo to ship, whether by truck, train, ship, or plane, our transportation employees are ready to handle it. As one of the world's largest transportation and logistics providers, we tap into our network of contract carriers and speed our customers' products through the global supply chain.

Our Sourcing Division works with a variety of produce growers and suppliers including grocery retailers, restaurant chains, and convenience stores to nurture collaborative, value-based business. First, we work with the growers on what to plant and create brands and packaging. Then, we manage the transportation and logistics of time-sensitive produce as it travels along the supply chain, ensuring it arrives fresh and ready to eat.

Information Technology
Our business runs on innovative technology. We've created industry-leading systems that connect us with our customers and contract carriers and enable them to successfully manage their businesses. With visibility to orders and shipments available on our customer website, customers can track and trace their shipments. Other services such as CHRWTrucks® provide support to our contract motor carriers.

Corporate Website

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